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About Us

Aloki Technologies is an initiative by Aloki Artisan Pvt. Ltd. The idea of the company came into being in 2017 and started this fully developed business in March 2018. In addition to focusing on digital, and online marketing, the work of website development is also done, which are the basis of ongoing business in today's global market. Aloki Technologies also runs online shopping and YouTube channels. Aloki Technologies offers a good package of promotion and development of all types of business. Plans and packages vary depending on the customer's requirement and budget. Hospitals, clinics, startups, online shopping, events, local businesses, and many other customers are using our digital services and consulting services and have recorded these good responses from Aloki Technologies. The company's services to the public are not only limited to local people but also work well for some well-known international customers.


What do customers who receive digital marketing consultation think? Does he  think that what he is investing will have a good advantage in him? If yes, then you have come to the right place to get help. Aloki Technologies is the company that you are looking for.

Aloki Technologies is one of the companies that provide various consulting services based on the requirement of the client.

We understand the needs of the client as well as we understand that we provide digital promotion. We also support customer's website development, according to their requirement, we give them a website so that they can get a good business.

After starting any business, people need online or digital promotion, cell. Aloki Technologies will tell you all the things from which you have a great advantage, Aloki Technologies will help you to Growth  your business from all the initial ways of taking your business online.

Aloki Technologies is a good website development and digital marketing company in Lucknow, which gives its customers a good idea along with a good online marketing method. Aloki Technologies helps its customers take their business forward at a good and small cost.

Aloki Technologies will also give you a good result in the low cost which we have been trying to tell you through a video.


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Shubhasita Srivastava (Founder & Director)

Aloki Technologies | Web Development & Digital Marketing

Debashish Tudu (Director)

Aloki Technologies | Web Development | Digital Marketing

Divakar Rajput (Web Developer)

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Kuldeep Maurya (Digital Marketer )

Aloki Technologies | Web Development | Digital Marketing

Bikash Panda (Web Developer)

Aloki Technologies | Web Development | Digital Marketing

Shadab Ahmad (Graphic Designer)

Aloki Technologies | Web Development | Digital Marketing

Ankur Sahu (Graphic Designer)